How to Wash your Wool

start with clean wool

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Start with the cleanest wool you can find. Still go through the fleece and pick out anything that is still in there.Some times just shake it out.
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Fill your washer with the hot water and dissolve 3 times the amount of detergent you'd usually use for your home laundry and one cup of ammonia. Turn on your washer for a few minutes and let the detergent mix.
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Turn the machine OFF and place the wool in the washer. Submerge it, and allow to soak for one-half hour (longer doesn't hurt if the water doesn't cool down). Turn the washer to SPIN and spin the water from the wool.


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For the second wash (and third wash if necessary) remove the wool from the washer and refill, dissolving the same amount of detergent as in step one, but adding NO ammonia. Submerge the wool for one-half hour before repeating the SPIN cycle. You may repeat this washing step another time.

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To rinse the wool,remove the wool from the machine. Refill the washer with HOT water, Replace the wool in the machine. After a one-half hour soak, spin the water out and repeat the cycle for one more rinse or until the rinse water is no longer cloudy. Two rinses are usually enough. Dry the wool on a mesh-type surface which allows air circulation.
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It is important NOT to agitate or abruptly change the temperature of wet wool. If either occurs, the wool will become felted (matted) and will be impossible to process further.

really clean wool

Clean Locks

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