How to Keep your Stock Tank Clean

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How to keep your stock Tank Clean

Barley straw is the secret to keep your stock tank clean - not only does this work for your stock tank but it also works for your automatic waters, bird baths, ornamental ponds and fountains. I bought my fountain plants in the house along with a little fish in a little fish tank and beleive it or not the water is still clean because I just used the water that had the barley straw in it.(We have snowy cold winters here) It is so simple to do - just sew up a bag like a little pillow filled with barley straw and just put it in the water and the barley keeps it clean.
No green!

Where to find Barley Straw?

I called the farm I used to work at and he sold me a bale for $25.00. I paid it and tried not to think about it. I put the bale in a box so I could use it for years. You could try a farmer in your area, and you may find an honest one. If you only want a little try ebay!

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