Sheep Sayings For Cards, Scrapbooks ......

For those sheep crazy people who like to make scrapbooks - cards-

for Easter or Christening (a welcome to God's flock)or

Or for any day a sheep saying works for Ewe!
here are some sayings Ewe can Use!

Baaaad to the bone!

Wool you get a load of that!
Bahh ram ewe. Bahh ram ewe. To your sheep, your breed, your clan be true. Bahh Rammm Ewwwweee!

I feel so sheepish!
To your new little precious lamb
Ewe are invited
How old are ewe?
How're ewe doin'?
Thank ewe
Ewe are precious in His sight
Are ewe doin' okay?
Ewe are sweet
EWE-HOO! (don't ewe love it?)
Just for Ewe
It's baaad to feel baaad
Wishing you a wild & wooly birthday
Thinking of ewe
Have a wild & wooly eweonderful Day!
I Love ewe!
Ewe rock!
Ewe are so special
There is no one like ewe!
You are the one & only ewe!
Ewe welcome here!
EWE Rule!
Ewe’s not Fat ~ ewe’s just fluffy!
What’s up with ewe?
Ewe are fabewelous
The black sheep of the family
Being fleeced
As gentle as a lamb
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Pull the wool over his eyes
Count sheep
If one sheep leaps over the ditch, all the rest will follow
Every family has a black sheep
Sheep Thrills
We were going to send money with this card ----but we are two sheep
Adorable Ewe !
" Ewe are so b-ewe-tiful to me... Can't ewe see? Ewe'r everthing I hope for, Ewe'r everything I need..... Ewe are so b-ewe-tiful... to me." (thanks Kate!)